FSIR-bike 20" (white)

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The FSIR bike is the folding bike, reimagined. The FSIR has departed from the hinged frames of traditional folding bikes in favour of a smart, integrated rotational system for folding. One minute you’re riding around on what feels like a regular bike, the next you’ve folded the FSIR into a small package and you’re ready to continue travelling by car or public transportation. The FSIR is easy to store in the car, at home or at the office. This folding bike is not only sturdy and super strong, it also looks great. Which model is the one you want?

Smart, integrated rotational system

The FSIR bike has a smart, integrated rotational system. Logical and simple, far from simplistic, yet extremely convenient! The great advantage: the frame is not split, so it feels like you’re riding a regular bike. It also saves on weight, because there is no need for a heavy hinge point

Always facing the right direction

Getting the saddle to face the right direction is often a huge hassle with folding bikes. And of course it always happens when you’re in hurry. But not with the FSIR bike. Thanks to the unique fixed technology, the saddle automatically faces the right direction. All you have to do is get on and take off!

Stronger and sturdier

The FSIR does not have a hinged frame, which translates into enormous gains in terms of sturdiness. The other components of the aluminium frame are also constructed in accordance with the most stringent requirements so the FSIR keeps running effortlessly, day after day.

Finally, a true folding bike

We are proud of the fact that we have succeeded in simplifying the use of the folding bike. Now we would like to introduce as many people as possible to the revolutionary FSIR bike, the bike that folds effortlessly and rides like a regular bike. And when you’re not biking it is easy to carry, stow behind your seat in the train or in the back of the car. There is always room for this bike.

It looks great

Folding bikes are all about functionality, and FSIR has got that covered. But as we all know, looks do matter. That’s why we didn’t ignore beauty in our design. This is a folding bike that is made to be seen!



Kleur White
Maat 20"
Gewicht 10.1kg
Maximale belasting 90kg
Frame Aluminium (patent)
Voorvork Aluminium (patent)
Zadelpen Aluminium, geadoniseerd
Bandenmaat 20 x 1.75
Velgen Aluminium dubbelwandig
Remmen PROMAX V-brake
Verlichting Los leverbaar
Stuur Verstelbaar aluminium
Versnelling 9 versnellingen (SRAM-9SP-S500RD Impulse Technology)
Banden Kenda
Dimensions folded 90 x 40 x 65 cm (LxWxH)
Remco van Ende

Hij zit echt enorm doordacht in elkaar. En een groot voordeel is dat hij heel licht is. Ik reis veel met de trein en neem hem dus heel makkelijk mee.

11-08-2015 17:41
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Meet the FSIR bike, the ideal folding bike with the smart, integrated rotational system. More convenient, lighter and sturdier. Read more

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