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The folding bike. Reimagined.
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The folding bike. Reimagined.

Finally, a folding bike that does what it promises. The FSIR bike uses a smart, integrated rotational system instead of a hinged frame. What this means is a sturdy bike with excellent riding properties, which folds smoothly and easily for transport or storage.

8 reasons to choose the FSIR bike

We’re already sold on the FSIR bike; what are you waiting for? Here are 8 reasons to choose the folding bike designed for today.

Sturdier than others

The FSIR is a robust folding bike for intensive daily use. The one-piece frame is sturdier than the frames of other brands.

No-compromise design

The FSIR is a bike youll want to show off. Admit it: it looks great. Not just in action but also when folded.

Simple, but not simplistic

The FSIR bike may look simple, but it really isnt. The incredibly smart design is something you have to experience for yourself! 


Because of its smart aluminium construction and hinge less frame, the FSIR is extremely light: 10.1 kg. You have to feel it to believe it.

Folds effortlessly

Above all, a folding bike should be convenient. One minute youre biking, the next youre carrying the folded bike. The FSIR makes it easy.

Free on public transportation

Because the FSIR easily folds into a compact package, you can take it onto public transportation for free.

Various innovations

The seat post of the FSIR automatically faces the right direction because of a recessed connection, and the cables are tucked away neatly within the frame. 

9 speeds

Whether you’re riding uphill, facing the wind or with the wind in the back, with 9 speeds you will always find a speed that’s just right!

Demonstration video
Take a look for yourself and find out why the FSIR is the ultimate folding bike

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Meet the FSIR bike, the ideal folding bike with the smart, integrated rotational system. More convenient, lighter and sturdier. Read more

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